What is TMD/TMJ?

“TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint – that’s the fancy term for the jaw joint. TMD, on the other hand, stands for temporomandibular disorder. It’s like an umbrella term, covering a range of issues that can affect this joint and the muscles around it. So when we talk about TMD, we’re looking at more than just the joint itself; we’re looking at how it all works together and how it can impact your daily life.”
– Dr. Laurie

Do you have TMD?

When you lose a tooth, it can disrupt the harmony of your smile, affecting your confidence and comfort. Dental bridges are precisely crafted to seamlessly fill those gaps, creating a smooth, natural appearance. We create bridges that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth – restoring natural function, enhancing your appearance and improving your quality of life.

Some telltale signs of TMD include:

Jaw pain or soreness

Headaches, often in the temples

Clicking or popping sounds in the jaw

Difficulty opening or closing the mouth

Pain or pressure behind the eyes

Earaches or ringing in the ears

Neck and shoulder pain

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The key is recognizing these signs and seeking proper care to address the root cause.

How do we treat TMD?

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Computerized Bite Analysis: Achieve balanced bites and jaw alignment through computerized analysis, promoting lasting oral health.

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TENS Therapy: Experience relief from TMJ discomfort with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, promoting relaxation and comfort.

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Treating TMD is all about tailoring the approach to each individual.

There’s no one size fits all solution. It could involve exercises to relax the jaw and face, making some lifestyle adjustments, or even considering restorative dental work. For some patients, a night guard might be beneficial, while more complex cases might require jaw surgery. It’s our responsibility to provide comprehensive information so our patients can make the best choice for their needs. It’s a collaborative effort every step of the way.