Tech-Driven Dentistry: Enhancing Care and Comfort

Dr. Laurie’s dedication to incorporating the latest technology into her practice is driven by her unwavering commitment to dental well being, patient comfort, optimal overall health and beautiful esthetics.

Intraoral Camera for Dental Impressions

Our intraoral camera ensures accurate dental impressions without messy molds.

3D Cone Beam Scan

 Our high-resolution 3D cone beam scan provides detailed oral insights for precise diagnoses and personalized treatments.

Laser Dentistry

 Laser technology offers minimally invasive procedures, ensuring faster healing and reduced discomfort for a better dental experience.

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Computerized Bite Analysis

Achieve balanced bites and jaw alignment through computerized analysis, promoting lasting oral health.

TENS Therapy

Experience relief from TMJ discomfort with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, promoting relaxation and comfort.

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Manage dental anxiety with NuCalm, inducing a state of relaxation for a stress-free dental visit.

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Salivary Diagnostics

Gain insights into your oral health through non-invasive salivary diagnostics, aiding early disease detection and personalized treatment planning.

Periodontal Trays

Improve gum health with custom periodontal trays for targeted treatment, enhancing overall oral well-being.

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Candid Clear Aligners - AI Technology

Align your teeth confidently with virtually invisible Candid Clear Aligners powered by AI technology for effective teeth straightening and fewer “check-up” visits.