Dr. Laurie’s Beginnings

Dr. Laurie’s journey began with a courageous leap, leaving behind a comfortable rural life in Oregon to embrace a new start in Las Vegas. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge fueled her pursuit of continuing dental education. Eventually, she landed a distinguished teaching role at the esteemed Las Vegas Institute (LVI), a renowned institution for dental education. Collaborating with colleagues worldwide, she honed her problem-solving skills. Dr. Laurie’s Las Vegas vision involves sharing this reservoir of wisdom, mentoring budding dentists, and championing comprehensive dental care. Her mission resonates with empowering others, underscoring the potential of conservative therapies for universal oral well-being.

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Beyond Teeth

Mapping the Path to Airway Wellness

Dr. Laurie’s philosophy revolves around recognizing dentistry’s profound influence beyond teeth. Her belief in the intricate link between oral health and overall well-being guides her practice. With a focus on airway health, she addresses sleep disorders, breathing issues, and related problems. Dr. Laurie emphasizes early intervention and treatment to prevent long-term complications. Her approach ensures patients experience improved sleep, enhanced quality of life, and a comprehensive understanding of how dental health contributes to their overall vitality.

Beyond Teeth

Uniting Oral and Systemic Health

From Dr. Laurie’s point of view, cosmetic and restorative dentistry are intricately connected to airway health, overall health and body function. It’s more than crafting a stunning smile; it’s about ensuring your body operates at its best. Dr. Laurie’s passion lies in harmonizing oral health with systemic well-being. She believes that every dental procedure, no matter the scale, should prioritize airway integrity. This philosophy underscores her commitment to rejuvenating smiles and enhancing lives, fostering holistic vitality through comprehensive dental care.

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Beyond Teeth

Dr. Laurie’s Vision

Dr. Laurie’s lifelong commitment to learning has driven her to continuously seek solutions to dental challenges. With over 25 years of teaching experience at the Las Vegas Institute, she’s gained valuable insights from diverse scenarios and global colleagues. Driven by her desire to share knowledge, she envisions elevating dental care in Las Vegas, making conservative, effective treatments accessible to all. Watch the video to discover her passion for mentorship and holistic dental solutions.

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Meet Dr. Kevin Tan

Dr. Kevin’s mission is to create a memorable experience that enhances wellness and beauty through quality care and genuine comfort. With over 200 hours of continuing education and a distinguished graduate of the Kois Center, Dr. Kevin is a leader in cosmetic density.
His expertise has been celebrated by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, highlighting his dedication to excellence and innovation. His approach is grounded in core values of transparent communication, trust, and comprehensive care.
Dr. Kevin remains at the forefront of dental research, employing science-based clinical decisions to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients.
Dr. Kevin and Dr. Laurie are so excited to team up to provide our patients with the best possible care here at Exceptional Dentistry. We look forward to meeting you!

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