Executive Physical of the Mouth: Your Lifetime Treatment Plan

Welcome to Exceptional Dentistry, where pioneering dental health is at the heart of what we do. Introducing a groundbreaking approach to oral wellness: the Executive Physical of the Mouth. This special service goes beyond regular dental check-ups, giving deep understanding of how your mouth health affects your whole body’s health. Think of it as a lifetime treatment plan, as you get to be informed about your dental health and never have to worry about any surprises or dental emergencies.

Discover the Executive Physical of the Mouth

At Exceptional Dentistry, we believe in the power of prevention and the importance of an in-depth understanding of your oral health. That’s why Dr. Laurie and our team have developed the Executive Physical of the Mouth, an exhaustive assessment designed to uncover and address potential health issues from the get-go. By looking at each tooth individually combined with a whole mouth and body health approach, you get to understand how you can get back to a state of optimal dental health.

A Comprehensive Approach

Our Executive Physical of the Mouth utilizes cutting-edge diagnostics, including 3D imaging and a full mouth series of X-rays, enabling a complete evaluation of your oral health. We look at each tooth. “The executive physical of the mouth pertains to a full mouth series of x-rays so that we can look at the roots of the teeth. We also like to take a 3D imaging model and scan of the teeth so that way it allows our patients to see their teeth outside of their mouth,” explains Susan, a key team member at Exceptional Dentistry.

patient getting x-rays in dental office
Patient getting an executive physical of the mouth at Dr, Laurie's dental office

Real Patient Experiences

Our patients frequently express their appreciation for this thorough service. John, a patient, remarked on the personalized and detailed nature of the care he received, saying, “It feels really personal and it, for me, you know, it’s also the atmosphere of the office. It’s the tone that they’re using. It’s making sure you’re comfortable and really personalizing the whole experience for you.” Another patient, Susan, shared, “I’ve never felt more understood and cared for at a dental visit. The detailed examination gave me peace of mind and a clear path to better health.”

Why Opt for an Executive Physical of the Mouth?

Choosing the Executive Physical of the Mouth at Exceptional Dentistry signifies a proactive approach to maintaining not just your oral health but your overall health too. Dr. Laurie and our dedicated team are eager to provide you with personalized, detailed insights into your oral health.

Ready to embrace a new era of dental health with our Executive Physical of the Mouth? Book your appointment today and discover the Exceptional Dentistry difference firsthand.