As a safe and highly effective option to help you relax, NuCalm® can significantly improve your dental experience. NuCalm is a neuroscience technology designed to help ease stress in anxious patients and help them feel more comfortable without the use of drugs or other controlled substances. Naturally, this treatment will bring your body into a deep state of calmness within a few minutes, gently guiding your mind into a more relaxed state.

Used by many other dentists around the country, NuCalm is often a preferred method of sedation due to its safer application process. Many patients can feel apprehensive when undergoing sedation before a procedure, often because they are nervous about the application methods and the side effects. With NuCalm, patients can receive a simple, non-invasive treatment that does not negatively affect or add to a patient’s stress levels. Instead of feeling groggy and tired after your appointment, NuCalm helps patients leave the dental office feeling more energized and well-rested.

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