At Exceptional Dentistry, we prioritize your overall health, which is why we specialize in holistic dentistry for you and your family. 

Each procedure is meticulously designed to be biocompatible and gentle, ensuring your comfort. Visit us and experience the difference!

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Embracing Holistic Dentistry: Dr. Laurie’s Commitment to Biocompatible and Minimally Invasive Dental Care

Dr. Laurie is a staunch advocate of holistic dentistry, prioritizing the use of biocompatible materials that align with the body’s natural harmony. With a focus on non-toxic and safe materials, she upholds a philosophy of minimally invasive procedures, reducing the impact on overall health. Dr. Laurie’s approach ensures reliable and effective treatments that not only address dental issues but also prioritize the well-being of her patients. It’s what she calls health-conscious dental care.

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The Executive Physical of the Mouth: A Thoughtful, Thorough and Discerning Dental Exam

Our Executive Physical of the Mouth is unlike any other dental exam. It’s a thorough assessment that leaves no aspect of your oral health unexamined. Our team examines your teeth, gums, jaw joints, conducts head and neck checks, and assesses lymph nodes and the thyroid. This approach helps us identify potential issues early, preventing escalation. The goal is to make sure you have a holistic understanding of your dental well-being.


Tech-Driven Dentistry: Enhancing Care and Comfort

Dr. Laurie passionately integrates cutting-edge technology in her practice, focusing on dental health, patient comfort, overall well-being, and exceptional aesthetic results.

Intraoral Camera for Dental Impressions

Our intraoral camera ensures accurate dental impressions without messy molds.

3D Cone Beam Scan

 Our high-resolution 3D cone beam scan provides detailed oral insights for precise diagnoses and personalized treatments.

Laser Dentistry

 Laser technology offers minimally invasive procedures, ensuring faster healing and reduced discomfort for a better dental experience.


Manage dental anxiety with NuCalm, inducing a state of relaxation for stress-free dental visit.

Meet Dr. Laurie

Dr. Laurie, a visionary in comprehensive dental care, transitioned from rural Oregon to Las Vegas, joining the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI) where she excels in teaching. With years of expertise, her philosophy centers on the integral link between oral and overall health, emphasizing the importance of airway health in addressing sleep and breathing disorders. A champion of early intervention, Dr. Laurie integrates cosmetic and restorative dentistry with systemic well-being, advocating for holistic approaches in every dental procedure. Her mission extends beyond dental treatment, focusing on enhancing life quality through innovative, patient-centered care.

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