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"The moment I walked into the office I felt like I was in good hands."

cc-brown.pngI was referred to Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Bloch with Exceptional Dentistry over ten years ago and the moment I walked into the office I felt like I was in good hands.

The staff was so friendly and accommodating, to quickly seeing me and treating me like I was their favorite client, to Dr. Bloch's professional, friendly personality asking me questions, getting all the information necessary to proceed to take care of my mouth the best way possible.

And my favorite part of all, is after going to other dentists through my life, and feeling the pain that you can go through, I'm a baby and not easy to numb, but with Exceptional Dentistry I didn't have any of that! With their cutting edge technology and gentle approach, I never feel any pain when they work on me. They are very careful to treat you like they would one of their own family members.

Her work is impeccable, making the experience not one to dread but one to look forward to the results.

When I was young, before my permanent teeth came in, I was given Erythromycin and it turned all my new teeth coming in a gray color, so when I was old enough, I had all my upper teeth capped because I was an entertainer, singer and wanted to have white teeth on stage. But nothing was done to my bottom teeth, I figured you couldn't really see those so much.

After years of having these big horse caps, that's what they used back in the day, I finally had some issues and had to get them replaced. That's when I went to Exceptional Dentistry. I've had my whole mouth re-done by Dr.Bloch, all my upper teeth have caps or bridges and all my bottom teeth have veneers and bridges. She's done an amazing job and wherever I go, I get compliments and always tell people where to go. They look so natural! It's amazing! I can't say enough about the quality of their work, the technology and their staff. You will be so happy you made the decision to go there. you know you are in the best hands possible for all your needs.


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