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"She orchestrated a plan to get me out of pain."

I wanted to express to you my thoughts and feelings about the recent comprehensive dental work you did for me.

About two years ago, I finally made the decision to find someone that could help me with my many dental problems. I have celiac sprue disease, which went undiagnosed for decades. During that time, I was not absorbing the nutrients I needed in my diet and my teeth easily broke. This led to a lot of crown and bridge work. In addition, I had a painful TMJ issue that made getting all that work done a nightmare. When I would tell dentists about my TMJ issue, they said there was nothing to be done or that I was too old to have it fixed. When I saw Dr. Bloch, I had a mouthful of crowns and bridges that broke or cracked every couple of years and a bite that never felt right or gave me pain. It was so frustrating since I have meticulously flossed and taken good care of my teeth my whole life. It didn't seem fair.

Dr. Bloch took all of my information in and recorded it all. She took measurements, pictures, and many notes during the planning stages. She orchestrated a plan to get me out of pain, correct my bite, and give me a smile that looked healthy, natural, and beautiful. It took some time and visits to trusted specialists who did surgery or placed implants, but I always felt comfortable knowing that Dr. Bloch had constructed a big plan that addressed all my needs and equally important, had the visibility to follow it through to the end.

After some adjustments, my bite was corrected. My TMJ issues eased. After so many years I got the smile I wanted with the help of veneers. Implants were placed in areas where I had lost bone or the crowns had been done so many times there just wasn't enough tooth left to place another. New crowns and bridges were done which connected the old to the new.

The reason for writing is to communicate to you how much this has changed my life. From beginning to end you and your staff made every gesture to make me comfortable. I always felt like I was in good capable hands no matter what I was having done or who I was talking to. Your staff was professional and caring. Thank you for giving me a beautiful smile and providing me with something I haven't had in decades - pain-free eating.

I wish all the best to you and your wonderful staff.

Kind regards,
Terry Gamboa

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