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"In an extraordinary way, everything just feels right inside and out!"

Less than six months ago, I would never have imagined that such an amazing personal experience was ahead of me or the incredible difference that I would feel inside, as a result of the changes to my smile during this time. This has truly been a life-changing event and one of the most important things I have ever done for myself. Your beautiful aesthetic work has been a catalyst to a deeper level of personal change-bringing out more vibrancy in my personality, greater happiness in my expression, stronger pride in my appearance, and most importantly, an excitement about smiling again! I could not be happier with the results!

I've learned a lot about myself in the process and am extremely grateful for your supportiveness and encouragement. Looking at pictures of myself over time, I was surprised to notice how much less I was smiling as the years passed and the energy that was missing in my expression. I had become very good at not smiling and I could see that there was a definite difference reflected in my personality. This was a sad realization for me, as I could tell that an important connection had been lost. Even if you are a very confident person, when you aren't happy with your smile, a big part of the self-expression of "who you are" turns inward, diminishes and doesn't radiate "out" to the world.

Looking at before and after photos now is almost like seeing a different person in the mirror. Not only is there a dramatic difference in terms of how I look, but behind my smile there has been a very powerful emotional change too. In an extraordinary way, everything just "feels right," inside and out. My smile feels like it should - healthy, strong and complete. I'm very happy and smiling without even thinking about it! It feels absolutely awesome to have this kind of connection again! Confident, excited and ready to fly! These are very simple words to describe something so amazing, but that is truly what makes it attainable - a physical change can be a catalyst for a deeper personal change, shifting your course in a better direction, everyday for a lifetime. That is exactly what has happened for me.

I've been very inspired through this experience and believe that you will continue to improve the quality of patients' lives through your work, as well as set a precedent of excellence within the dental industry. As a patient, I think that you are the very best at what you do, combining technical expertise, advanced technology and aesthetic dentistry in a way that I have not seen presented before. I Hope that your practice becomes the model for many others, helping dental/medical professionals gain more knowledge about the benefits of neuromuscular dentistry for their patients.

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