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"I feel like I have been given another chance to really enjoy life."

It has truly been a pleasure working with you and your team at Exceptional Dentistry! This is the very best dental care I've ever received and I would highly recommend your practice to new patients. Each person in your staff is highly skilled, gentle and focused on creating a seamless patient experience. Most importantly, there is a meaningful difference in terms of the quality time that you spend with people - getting to know what is important to them, answering questions and sharing experiences. As a patient, you feel like you are coming to visit friends and enjoy time in a beautiful office retreat, leaving more relaxed than when you came.

For many reasons, I believe that you have a tremendous gift with people and that you truly care about making a difference to others. You are very approachable, open and understanding, giving patients important knowledge and manageable steps to move forward with confidence. I greatly appreciate the time you have taken to help me feel comfortable with information and changes as we progressed. Ultimately, you gave me an understanding of why my smile had changed significantly over time and helped me to see there may be a way to correct bite issues that I knew were not going to improve. Your insights made a lot of sense and the pieces to a long-term solution seemed to naturally come together.

This has been a very important time in my life. I will never forget the intensity of the emotions, excitement and pure joy that I have felt over these months- and the incredible gift of being able to share this experience with people who really care. I wish that everyone could find a golden key like this. In a very special way, I feel like I have been given another chance to really enjoy life and be as happy as I can possibly be. How I feel about my smile is even greater than I can convey in words and beyond my expectations of what I had hoped we could achieve in working together.

I will always be amazed at this dream come true. My greatest thanks to you and your team!

Very sincerely,
Patricia Goggin

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