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Tooth Whitening and Sensitivity

In-office professional teeth whitening treatments use special gels that cause little to no tooth sensitivity. Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments use a lower grade of whitening gel that do not give the same teeth whitening results as professional whitening and they have a tendency to cause tooth sensitivity, pain, and aches.

Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. Laurie uses the Opalescence teeth whitening treatment in her cosmetic dentistry office. This is a professional whitening treatment that drastically whitens smiles without pain, aches, and with little to no sensitivity. The treatment takes a little over an hour and patients experience little to no discomfort.

Preventing Sensitivity During the Teeth Whitening Treatment

The gel used in the Opalescence Boost teeth whitening treatment may cause sensitivity to the soft tissue in the mouth. Some patients may experience sensitivity in their gums if the gel comes in contact with the gums. Dr. Laurie is very careful to only apply the whitening gel to her Las Vegas patients' teeth. This helps prevent the possibility of sensitivity caused by the whitening gel.

The Opalescence teeth whitening treatment also comes as an at-home teeth whitening kit. The whitening kit comes with trays that are custom fitted to each patient's mouth. The trays hold the gel in place on the teeth during whitening. The gel is not isolated only to the teeth and the gel may cause sensitivity to the gums. Any sensitivity will fade within hours of using the gel.

The Opalescence treatment has a desensitizing agent in the gel to help prevent sensitivity following the teeth whitening treatment. Very few patients experience sensitivity after undergoing the treatment. If there is sensitivity, it will last about twelve to eighteen hours and then fade away. Ibuprofen or other over the counter pain medications as well as analgesics such as Anbesol can be used to manage the sensitivity.

Finding the right teeth whitening treatment to get you the fantastic whitening results you desire is easy when you contact Dr. Laurie at Exceptional Dentistry in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Laurie to discuss your tooth whitening options and to ask all of your teeth whitening questions.

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