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Questions About Dental Crowns

What is the difference between a filling and a dental crown?

Typically a filling covers only a portion of the tooth. A dental crown completely encases the visible area of the tooth, creating a brand new outer surface for your tooth. In addition, tooth-colored fillings are commonly made of a composite resin material that require only one office visit. Dental crowns are custom-made porcelain restorations that require two visits to make and apply.

Does the dentist or lab make a difference?

Choosing an experienced dentist who uses a high-end dental lab with a master ceramist can make a tremendous difference in the look of your crown and long-term results. Be sure to ask if your dentist has advanced training in functional aesthetic dentistry to make sure your restoration not only looks good, but functions in harmony with the rest of your teeth and mouth. Also, ask about the lab and ceramist, including how long they have worked with the practice and how much work they do them.

How long will my crown last and look natural?

Porcelain crowns are long lasting restorations when they are well designed by an experienced dentist, made by a high quality lab/ceramist, and properly cared for. As for appearance, porcelain crowns will maintain their color shade and are resistant to stains. 

Does a crowned tooth require any special repair?

Generally, your new teeth crown will feel and function just like your natural teeth and does not require any special dental care. However, even though a tooth may be crowned, that does not mean the underlying tooth is completely protected from decay or gum disease. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene practices, including brushing your teeth as you normally do and keeping regular appointments with a dental hygienist.

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