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Neuromuscular Dentistry: Diagnosis

Neuromuscular Dentistry treatment may begin with diagnosing your problem by accurately measuring your facial/cranial muscles and jaw function to find your ideal jaw position. A soothing method of relaxing your muscles is initiated.

When your jaw muscles are completely relaxed, an impression of your bite is taken and compared with your pre-relaxation bite to give initial insight on how your bite should be adjusted.

In addition to your impression, we use a system (K-7) that precisely measures other aspects of your bite:
  • Jaw Tracking (link to mandibular scanner)
  • Joint Sounds (link to electro sonograph)
  • Muscle activity in eight different areas of your face (link to electromyography)
Through the use of jaw tracking, joint sound recording, and muscle activity, we completely analyze your muscle function when your jaw is resting, functioning and identify any imbalance that exists in your muscles. This allows us to determine the position in which your jaw is most comfortable.

Your treatment is based on our findings during your comprehensive diagnosis.

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