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About Your First Visit

Your initial consultation is specifically designed for you and one of our Las Vegas, Nevada cosmetic dentists to discuss your smile makeover needs and goals.

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Your initial consultation is the time for you to ask all of the questions you may have about your smile and dental problems. You may not know what cosmetic dentistry procedures you want or need and your consultation is where Dr. Laurie will explain your options.

Nevada Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Laurie will sit down with you in your consultation. She will help you decide which procedures are the best for your smile makeover goals. She will design a custom treatment plan to incorporate one or more procedures to specifically treat your dental issues. Below are common questions about initial consultations.

What is an average cosmetic dentistry consultation like?
One hour is reserved with Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Laurie. In this consultation, you and Dr. Laurie will go over your dental issues and your goals for you smile makeover. The cosmetic dentist will assess your smile and explain your treatment options. This is the best time to ask all of your questions regarding your smile.

What exactly is done during the consultation?
After you and Dr. Laurie have discussed your concerns and thoughts, a very thorough exam will be completed. X-rays will be taken of your teeth and models of your upper and lower teeth will be crafted. The x-rays and models will help Dr. Laurie determine what your dental needs are and what are the causes of your dental problems.

Do you take photos of my teeth?
Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Laurie, will take photos that are evaluated in a PowerPoint presentation. She uses a 50" screen for the PowerPoint presentation. This presentation helps show the dental issues that need to be corrected.

Is the initial visit free?
Most cosmetic dentistry consultations are free. Please contact our Las Vegas cosmetic dentistry office for more information and to schedule your initial consultation in Las Vegas or Henderson, with our Nevada Cosmetic Dentist.

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