What is somnomed? How it is beneficial for sleep apnea and bruxism!

What is OSA?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a serious and lifelong medical condition that affects between 18 and 30 million adults over 18 in the US1; with approximately 90% of them undiagnosed. OSA is a chronic, lifelong medical condition that can affect your sleep, health and quality of life. It has been linked to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, work and driving related accidents and stroke.

It can have a significant impact on quality of life, placing unnecessary strain on relationships between bed partners, family and in the workplace.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism, is a term used to describe the action of grinding and clenching teeth and people may grind their teeth habitually while sleeping, or during the day due to anxiety or stress.

Grinding is an extremely common problem that could result in a number of serious problems if left untreated such as:

Permanent damage of the structure and surface enamel of your teeth
Jaw pain known as TMJ pain
Loose teeth
Gum recession

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