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Teeth Whitening and Sensitivity

Some teeth whitening treatments can cause pain, aches, and tooth sensitivity. Many over the counter teeth whitening treatments can lead to tooth sensitivity because the whitening formulas do not have desensitizers in them. Most over the counter treatments like teeth bleaching kits do not prevent the whitening gel from coming into contact with the gums and other tissue in the mouth. The soft tissue can become sensitive and feel pain when it comes into contact with the gel.

The Sapphire teeth whitening treatment offered by dentist Dr. Bloch is a safe and effective way to whiten teeth. This treatment takes less than an hour to perform and gives results that over the counter treatments cannot match.

During the teeth whitening treatment, the doctors skillfully applies the whitening gel to each tooth taking care to not get the gel on the gums. The gel is made with a desensitizing agent to prevent sensitivity in the gums. Very few patients experience sensitivity following the treatment and the sensitivity fades after twelve to eighteen hours.

If sensitivity is experienced, it can be managed with over the counter pain medications and analgesics. Patients who experience sensitivity are asked to avoid eating and drinking very hot or very cold foods or drinks because extreme hot and cold can increase the sensitivity. Once the sensitivity subsides, patients can resume eating and drinking very hot and very cold foods and drinks.

By contacting Dr. Bloch's cosmetic dentistry office in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can learn more about the teeth whitening treatments available and ask all of your teeth whitening questions in a consultation with Dr. Bloch.

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