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Whitening Root Canal Teeth

A root canal tooth can stand out from the rest of your smile. Root canal teeth tend be darker and duller than natural teeth. This is because the root of the tooth turns a dark brown when it dies and the dark brown material seeps into the dentin of the tooth. The dentin is what surrounds the root and is what is under the enamel. The enamel is the part of the tooth that is visible and is normally white. Enamel is translucent and the color of the dentin can be seen underneath.

A root canal will remove the dark, dead root. However, the dentin absorbs the color of the dead root quickly before the root can be removed. The dentin stays a darker color even after the root canal. There are three ways you can whiten a root canal tooth:
Teeth Whitening for Root Canal Teeth

Root canal teeth will not whiten with the rest of your teeth when you use a teeth whitening system. This is because the root canal teeth are so much darker than the rest of your teeth. Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. Bloch can isolate your root canal teeth with the Sapphire teeth whitening treatment and whiten just those teeth.

The doctors applies the whitening gel used in the Sapphire treatment to each tooth so the gel is only applied to the teeth and not the gums. Applying the gel to each tooth concentrates on only those teeth for whitening. Because the gel is applied to each tooth, the Sapphire treatment allows for certain teeth to get the treatment as needed. This can help enhance the color of your root canal teeth.

Some root canal teeth need to be whitened from the inside out. This means that the dentin inside the tooth needs to be concentrated and focused on for whitening. The dentin needs to be whitened from inside the tooth so the brighter color will show through the enamel creating a whiter tooth.

Please contact our Las Vegas, Nevada cosmetic dentistry office today for more information about teeth whitening for root canal teeth and to schedule a consultation about your smile.

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