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Dental Phobia and What Can Be Done

Dental fear is a hidden phobia. People who fear the dentist do not often talk about it; they tend to schedule and cancel appointments instead. Embarrassment often fuels a dental phobic's desire to keep their fear hidden. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. In America, almost 30 percent of dental patients fear the dentist.

For many people, dental phobia develops during childhood, leaving you to carry the dread of the dentist for years and years. Dental phobics often avoid dental care until they experience intolerable pain or until their dental health has deteriorated to the point that they need extensive treatment. This ultimately means more time in the dentist's chair, more procedures and additional expenses. It is a vicious cycle; but it does not have to be.

Modern dentistry offers safe and effective treatments without the use of needles, to make treatments comfortable for fearful patients. How? Sedation dentistry utilizes sedative drugs to relax your central nervous system so that you can be calmer during dental treatment. You will not be asleep or unconscious, but you will be in a sedated state and will remember little, if anything, about your procedure. Sedation dentistry allows you to undergo one or multiple procedures that you have been delaying because of your dental phobia.

If you have been delaying essential dental treatment, you no longer have to fear the dentist. At Exceptional Dentistry, our Nevada cosmetic dentist Dr. Laurie Bloch can perform your needed procedures in a comfortable, anxiety-free manner. If you live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, please contact Exceptional Dentistry of Las Vegas today to schedule your appointment.

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