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Difference between Implants and Dentures

Dental implants are titanium posts that are fused to your jawbone and act as the root of your tooth. This treatment option is ideal for replacing one tooth, or several teeth in different areas of your mouth.

Dentures are false teeth that generally replace multiple teeth side by side on either the upper or lower jawbone. Dentures are cheaper than dental implants, although they may slip out of place or make embarrassing popping or clicking noises when you talk. They are removable, so it is easy to clean your mouth at night without these restorations getting in the way of brushing or flossing.

Dental implants are more expensive, but they are a permanent solution for tooth loss. The dental implant procedure is more involved, but once the implant is placed it acts as a permanent root for your missing tooth. You can have a restoration, such as a dental crown, attached to the implant, or you can use it to better secure dentures.

Dental implants look, feel and function like your real teeth. Although the two surgeries (one procedure to secure the implant, the other to fasten the restoration) are more invasive, dental implants often last a lifetime if you care for them properly.

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Dental Bonding to Close Spaces between Teeth

Dental bonding is an effective and painless way to close the spaces in between your teeth.

This cosmetic treatment uses a resin bonding agent that is applied to your teeth and sculpted to its appropriate shape. The resin comes in a variety of colors, so it can be matched exactly to the color of your natural teeth. The resin material is then hardened with a curing light and trimmed and polished so it is indistinguishable from your actual tooth enamel.

The dental bonding procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes for each tooth. This means that the treatment can be completed in as little as one or two dental appointments. You will leave the dentist's chair with instant results, as opposed to waiting for years as you would with braces or months with Invisalign.

Not only is dental bonding more convenient than these other treatment options it is also cheaper. This procedure also requires little or no tooth removal, which preserves more of your natural teeth and does not put you at any risk from the use of anesthesia.

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